A new version of the PBGUIControls have just been released and are
available at www.PowerToTheBuilder.com. There have been a number of
improvements and enhancements added to the various controls.

- ToolbarStrip
* Added the ability to make a toolbar item invisible.
- PowerDock
* The panels were closing too soon in some cases when the mouse
left. This has been fixed.
* Close button will now display in the document tab.
- TabControl
* You can now display the close button in the tab instead of the
tab strip.
- XPListBar
* Some performance improvements were made.
- ButtonListBar
* A new style was added. You can display in button or list mode.
- PB 10.0
* The controls are now available in PB10.
* The PBX file used for drawing didn't support PowerBuilder's
UNICODE environment. This caused conflicts with other PBNI objects.

Version 2.5.0 is currently being planned out. In this version you should
see more improvements made to the toolbar control.

As usual, if you have any questions, comments or idea's please do not
hesitate to email me: brad.wery@PowerToTheBuilder.com.