Reading through some of the comments from the 2008 PB
Survey, one PB user mentioned the inability to generate PDF
documents from DW reports using PB 10.x. I just wanted to
let anyone who may be having this same problem that I have 2
separate PB apps that are both using PB 10.x (read: UNICODE)
and that one of the two is actually being accessed via
Citrix (i.e. "thin client") and that both apps can "print"
any DW as a PDF document with no problem whatsoever.
Further, the one app has been translated into Russian
(Cyrillic character set) and all DW reports using the
Cyrillic characters can be "printed" as a PDF document as
well. Anyone interested in the specifics of my solution (it
does require a 3rd party package) is welcome to contact me
or respond to this post...