One cusomter want to execute another procedure in a procedure,and the
another procedure'name is dynamic and the

another procedure has inout type parameter.When I use the following sql to
create the procedure,

Create Procedure pro_test()
Declare @proc_name varchar(60);
Declare @para1_out varchar(60);
Declare @para2_out varchar(60);

--set procedure name to a variable
set @proc_name = 'Pro_Customers_Insert';
--from the parameters @para1_out,@para2_out get the out value
execute @proc_name @para1_out,@para2_out;


Error msg as below,

Could not execute statement.
Syntax error near ¡®@proc_name¡¯ one line 11
SQLCODE=-131,ODBC 3 State=¡±42000¡±
Line 1,column 1

The customer said they can create and execute the above procedure in ASE
(The application was based on ASE originally).

Thanks a lot.

Mac Wang.