Good day

I posted a few weeks ago, but unfortunately haven't had any
responses that helped. I have attached an image to clarify
my problem.

Is it possible to display a BLOB column correctly in an n-up

I have a table with an id and blob column.
select id
from table_name

My n-up datawindow displays correctly 3 id's accross labeled
id_1, id_2, id_3 all three binding back to the id column.

Now for the tricky bit:
I insert a OLE Database BLOB object linking it to my blob
column. However my blob image only changes for every new row

id_1 id_2 id_3
blob blob blob

id_4 id_5 id_6
diff_blob diff_blob diff_blob

I hope this makes sense! There must be a way to link the Ole
object to the correct id. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance