I am encountering the exact same conditions reported in a 5/2007 thread, a
snippet of which appears below (please see the entire thread for details).

The problem began to appear when a new trigger was introduced. The trigger
runs frequently and successfully until the DBMS becomes very busy. I have
attempted to improve the situation by modifying the trigger from INSTEAD OF
UPDATE to BEFORE UPDATE, and then AFTER UPDATE. All versions have reported
similar errors when the database becomes heavily utilized.

Any suggestions? Is it possible to get support with this given I am running

Bob Umbreit.


5/1/2007 2:53:56 PM
Lance Schmidt
Re: CRash ADS
Hi Marc,

Please make sure that you are using When the next crash happens
please send me the snap log, error log, and your event log.

Best Regards,

Lance Schmidt
Advantage R&D

"Marc Verkade [Marti IT]" <marcatM@rtidotnl> wrote in message
> Of 7.1, yes.
> 7.10.02 of something.. The latest 7.1 release.
> "Lance Schmidt" <LanceSc@ExtendSys.com> schreef in bericht
> news:46375910@solutions.advantagedatabase.com...
>> Hi Marc,
>> What version of Advantage are you using? Have you upgraded to the latest
>> service release?
>> Best Regards,
>> Lance Schmidt
>> Advantage R&D
>> "Marc Verkade [Marti IT]" <marcatM@rtidotnl> wrote in message
>> news:4636f1b4@solutions.advantagedatabase.com...
>>> OK, will check that.
>>> It is WinXP however running the ADS Server.
>>> Grtz, Marc
>>> "Douglas Woodrow" <newsgroups@nospam.demon.co.uk> schreef in bericht
>>> news:B7sKkwC1giMGFwgo@woodrowhorsfall.plus.com...
>>>> On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 17:23:34, "Marc Verkade [Marti IT]"
>>>> <marcatM@rtidotnl.?.invalid> wrote
>>>>>> Exception occurred in an Advantage Database Server Worker thread.
>>>>>> Exception code is 0xc0000005. The Exception Record structure is in
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> data. The Advantage Database Server will be stopped.
>>>>>> A fatal Advantage Database Server error occurred. Fatal error code
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> 3221225477. Advantage Service will be stopped immediately.
>>>> What's the DEP setting on the server?
>>>> The "Turn on for Essential Windows Programs and Services only" setting
>>>> prevents that error on a Windows 2003 server here.
>>>> (System properties, Advanced, Performance Options, Data Execution
>>>> Prevention).
>>>> --
>>>> Doug Woodrow