Below are all the instructions necessary to setup your iAnywhere Mobile
Office 5.7 Early Adopter environment. Thank you for your participation as
it is very valuable allowing us to release the highest quality products.

Thank you.

Sybase iAnywhere Product Management


Download Link (143 Meg)


a.. A 5.7 Early Adopter Newsgroup has been setup to assist in supporting
this program
b.. Additionally current Sybase iAnywhere customers with an active support
contract can contact the iAnywhere Mobile Office support team at
800-235-7576 for live phone support.
c.. New customers should contact their sales representative to obtain
support from their pre-sales technical support personnel.

Early Adopter Licensing

To obtain a license to be used with the 5.7 Early Adopter install please
complete the form using the following link:

Note: You will receive an automatic reply with all the licensing and hosted
proxy information to setup your Early Adopter environment. You should NOT
use the download link provided in this email as it would be the 5.6 version.
Please use the download link provided in the "Download Link" section of
these instructions.

How to Test iPhone

In order to test the latest Beta 1 iPhone client 0710 your iPhone identifier
value must be in one of our iPhone development certificates. If you have
not already submitted your iPhone identifier please do so by emailing it to Please limit the number of devices you submit to 2 per
customer as we have limited space on our development certificates. You can
download the latest iPhone client from,
an install Readme file is included. If you have participated in our
previous iPhone Beta programs your iPhone identifiers should still be in one
of the four certificates.

How to Find your iPhones Identifier Value

To find your iPhones 40 digit "Identifier" value you will need to use iTunes
to get the correct "Identifier" number. When cradled go to the summary
screen and click on "Serial Number", it will change to "Identifier" and then
click on the Identifier value and do a Ctrl "C". FYI, even though the value
doesn't appear to be highlight-able, Ctrl "C" will work. You can then paste
the value using Ctrl "V". Tip: For some iTunes users if you highlight the
"Serial Number" and press Ctrl "C" it will actually copy the needed
identifier value instead. Please use copy and paste as it is very easy to
miss type a 40 digit number when someone is required to read it from a
screen shot.

Where to Report Issues

Please post issues with a detail description on the 5.7 Beta NewsGroup site
( providing as much of the below
requested information as possible:

Device Information - The user will type the name and model of the device
they are using as well as the device OS.

Build Used - The user will type the build number being used, i.e.

Connection Type - The user will type the connection they are using to
connect to the dogfood server, i.e. 802.11b, AT&T sim, T-Mobile sim, etc.

Domino/Exchange Version (example: 6.5/7.0/8.0/2003/2007)

Short Description - The user will type a one line description of the issue
being experienced.

Long Description - The user will type a five to six line description of the
issue containing much greater detain than the short description.

Expected Behavior - What the user believes should actually happen (opposed
to what is currently happening).

Steps for Reproduction - The user will type out numbered steps containing
all information required to reproduce the bug. The user must write this
keeping in mind that they have to explain each step in detail such that
someone who has never performed this action could easily setup and reproduce
the situation. When creating the reproducible issue, please write the steps
as if you are sending it to a novice, and list the steps as follows:

Example: Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Notice Error

What's New in 5.7 Beta 1

a.. SMS Push Notifications
b.. Admin Web Service APIs
a.. Administrative functions
b.. Reporting functions
c.. S60 5th Edition Support
d.. Security Manager Update
e.. Additional Web Service Calls for Admin Tasks
f.. Client Localization (English/Japanese/Chinese/French/German)
g.. IMAP/POP3 Support
h.. Business Process Mobilization Server Enhancements (Widgets)
a.. Groupware Less Mode
b.. Admin Queue Monitoring
c.. Responder/Transformer re-try capabilities
d.. Ability for Transformer to ignore or drop messages
e.. Access to message context information
f.. Message sent with invalid credentials can request credentials update
g.. Messages can be inserted/deleted from an external component
i.. Business Process Mobilization Client Enhancements (Widgets)
a.. iPhone platform support added
b.. Supports ActiveSync mailbox for Windows Mobile Devices
c.. ~75 new message icons to chose from
d.. Delete message after processing option
e.. Local credential caching
f.. Ability to make an RMI server call
g.. Ability to show a custom message box on submit action
h.. Specify which screen to start with for a message
i.. Support for additional parameter with submit actions
j.. Ability to hide unwanted iPhone modules (e.g. Calendar, Tasks,
j.. iPhone Enhancements
a.. Business Process Mobilization (Widget Support)
b.. Configurable Password
a.. None (no password prompt)
b.. Medium (requires 4 digit password with 10 minute timeout and clear
data after 99 failed attempts)
c.. High (requires 6 digit password with 0 minute timeout and clear
data after 10 failed attempts)
c.. Inbox Search
d.. Attachment Icon
e.. Priority Icons
f.. Exit and Lock Button

What will be in 5.7 Beta 2

a.. Bug Fixes
b.. Additional iPhone Enhancements
a.. Email Push Notification
b.. Configurable Security
a.. Password Length
b.. Require Unique
c.. Timeout
d.. Missed Password Data Wipe