Bug 29288 - CorpDir search is no longer available when accessed from email
Bug 29769 - Items in selectbox becomes to an only selected item after rmi
Bug 29770 - iphone can't recieve any widget on iphone build 0710
Bug 27709 - iPhone client crashes after medium use
Bug 28901 - iMO app crashed on Jean Lau's iPhone when she was trying to open
the InBox folder
Bug 29451 - iPhone 3.0: After waking the device and entering the Security
Manager password, pressing the "Exit and lock" button will prompt for
another password. Entering the correct password brings the screen back to
the mailbox view.
Bug 29469 - Device appears to trigger a server re-registration then stop
sending data to iPhone
Bug 29471 - iMO adds "abuildxxxx" to the end of a local contact when dialing
Bug 29601 - Client exits when selecting an email address from a contact that
has multiple email addresses for To:, Cc:, or Bcc:
Bug 29603 - Initially accessing the calendar list view displays a message
"No Events" for ~3 seconds before the data is displayed.
Bug 29737 - Search Mailbox field is cropped.
Bug 29757 - Switching from Medium to High security crashes client when
password change code is invoked
Bug 29758 - Calendar load is slow
Bug 28453 - After adding between 20 to 30 recipients to a new email, the
iPhone client crashed
Bug 28537 - User is unable to perform Get Mail on an email that was
automatically opened after performing a Delete Mail inside of an email.
Bug 28576 - When using the garbage can to delete a mail with the "Prevent
Copy" flag causes the next mail to also be marked as "Prevent Copy"
Bug 28669 - The search button in the email search acts as a return button.
Bug 28674 - User can bypass Change Password screen presented when password
character length is too short for high security level in iPhone.
Bug 29194 - Tag "\r\n" for new line does not work in iPhone TextBox control
Bug 29331 - The Cost field does not accept commas
Bug 29347 - Emails forwarded from the device show up in sent items on the
device with the wrong date and time
Bug 29382 - Forwarded emails from iPhone "Inbox" or "Sent Items" folder
don't get synced to devices "Sent Items" folder
Bug 29569 - Send email confirmation is not localized
Bug 29570 - Reply/Reply All/Forward/Cancel dialog when responding to an
existing email is not localized
Bug 29571 - "Details/Hide" and "Mark as (Un)read" links do not appear to be
Bug 29572 - In the Settings for iAnywhere, the Connection and General
(About) details are not localized.
Bug 29602 - Look of the screen to enter a new calendar item has dark
shading, making it difficult to read the data in the fields.
Bug 29688 - Textbox control in fullscreen model does not display correctly
Bug 29708 - An empty widget message of "sData" has been submitted to
IResponseProcessor plugin.
Bug 29724 - SYBOtherLabel displayed in Contact Address when selecting the
address type (home, work, other)
Bug 29748 - Unable to clear selectbox item by xmlWidgetMessage value from
Bug 29795 - Corpdir GUI components do not load properly when entering search
criteria with iPhone 3.0 device

Bug 29799 - Select 'Next' to go to the next page of an AMP email closes the
email on S60 5th Ed. Nokia 5800.
Bug 29783 - If messaging is set up to use mass storage the iMO mail box is
not visible from the messaging application.
Bug 29809 - iMO Mail Editor crashes when trying to send email with
attachment if there is not enough storage memory on the device.
Bug 29811 - Corporate Directory panics with KERN-EXEC 3 when closing through
the Task list.
Bug 25257 - Select "Dismiss" while attachment download in progress would
cause iMO Engine Timeout Error on P990i.
Bug 26161 - Client is Stopped during initial sync if registration has empty
credentials. Requires disable/enable to get client to finish intitial sync
and it does not prompt for credentials. Inputting credentials on device does
not update password on server.
Bug 29781 - Attachments cannot be selected from the Mass Memory drive and
Removable Memory card when attempting to add them via the iMO email editor.
Bug 29782 - Large email attachments fail to sync from client to server.
Bug 29798 - No messages available to indicate that there are no widgets
installed on S60 5th Ed. Nokia 5800 device.

Windows Mobile
Bug 29747 - iMO transport/MTM shows up on device when device is connected to
nongroupware IMO installation
Bug 29830 - selectbox control not working on WM Devices
Bug 29685 - Corruption in Sync Info DB (WM client) causes dupes to be sent
to server.
Bug 29170 - The default value (zero) in a text field should be selected when
that field gets focus such that it's overwritten when one starts typing
Bug 29751 - The specifies precision timepicker doesn't make minutes and
seconds to "00" in widgetmessae value

Bug 27431 - Duplicate email found in load test (400 users/24 hours) for
exchange 2007