Here is my issue:

On the employee file, we have several tabs of data containing things like
premiums, exemptions, employment status, job titles, rates, etc.

The problem lies on the detailed report of an employee file. Each tab needs
to be it's own nested report since each tab contains different columns (some
have 2, some have 20, etc.). So on the report, I created several nested
going down the report. Some tabs can be empty though, which means the report
will show tab 1, tab 2, then a big blank space for tab 3, then it will show
tab 4, then blank space for tab 5, etc.

I've tried playing with slide up and all those, I just can't get the nested
to move up when the previous one is empty.

Is there a way to make the next nested slide up if one is empty (no data

Thanks in advance,