What is suitable product name in Case-Express for ASA

Got assertions,

linux x86_64

E. 08/12 14:18:54. *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 201135
page freed twice

E. 08/13 02:12:43. *** ERROR *** Assertion failed: 102300
File associated with given page id is invalid or not open

both cases have arose after index manipulation.
First: spotted duplicate records under unique index
index validation - ok, rebuild - failed with garbage message
".... not unique(???)...". just from memory coz didn't write
down. on index delete server has crashed. on start showed
same assertion. in this case no way to apply working log
with dbeng11 -a only via dbtran.

Second: attempt to create autoincrement filed on non-empty
table. same behavior.

SQL Anywhere Information Utility Version
Page size : 8192
Encrypted : No
Strings padded with blanks for comparisons: Yes
Respect letter-case when comparing: Yes ('A' not equal to
Collation sequence: UTF8BIN (UTF-8, 8-bit multibyte encoding
for Unicode, binary ordering)
Database checksums enabled: Yes
Encrypted tables supported: No