Hi all,

We're going to take a look at RFID. As RFID is a hardware and software
solution I want to find out more in terms of the best way to research this

As far as I can tell, iAnywhere's offering is a third party product
developed with iAnywhere software to build a framework and it integrates
with the hardware of several hardware manufacturers. I would guess that
most solutions will be of a similar offering.

A have a few questions:

1) Have RFID standards evolved sufficiently that all hardware and software
components are interchangeable? I mean, if one company had an RFID
implementation and wished to replace the hardware later outside of the
software's partner list, would this be possible? The other reason for
asking this is say if the iAnywhere solution is mainly American and we
needed the hardware provider to be from a certified U.K. list, would this
cause problems?

2) I assume that the framework built will take care of RFID standards? If
we take on any offering, such as iAnywhere's, we simply install the
soltution and then either connect to the database to retrieve data or call
APIs? We wouldn't care too much about the hardware/software standards for
interoperability as the framework would take care of that?

3) How do I compare to offerings such as:
which seem to target a specific market.
How do I know which offering is more suitable for us?