We have some users that are running Powerbuilder 10.5 and a
Program that records Screens and voice conversations running
on their computer. The clients running this NICE agent are
now having their Powerbuilder applications shut down or
crash with popup messages. The messages are GPF type
messages or breakpoint messages or illegal instructions. If
I stop the NICE agent that runs as a system service off the
powerbuilder applications behave normally. This agent takes
an enormous amount of memory. ie 800,000kb+. This just
started to be a problem on Thursday of last week. Clients
had been running both programs without conflict. A new
version of NICE was installed on Aug 9 which is to long ago
to be the easily identified reason. We have tried
reinstalling the PB runtime on a couple of machines and that
did not correct the problem either. Does any one have a
suggestion on what could have caused this problem. IE
policy change or something else or how to go about solving