I am evaluating Datawindow.NET 2.5 to use in one of my
project. I have developed a test page which will have
webdatawindow, a button and a textbox inside an AJAX
UpdatePanel. The functionality I am trying to implement is:

1. When page intially loaded, WebDW control will retrieve a
default customer record .
2. If user enters another customer ID in the text box and
click on the button, the record for the customer should be
retrieved and displayed in the datawindow.
3. User should be able to change value in the datwindow on
the retrieved records.

Above is the functionaly I am tryig to implement.

Both step 1 and Step 2 are working fine. When page loaded
initially the default customer record is retrieved (say
customer A). If I enter another customer ID and click on the
button, another customer record is retrieved and displayed
(say customer B). Since DW is inside updatepanel a partial
postback is happening.
But when I place the cursor in a Webdatawindow column, the
value for customer B disappers and value for Customer A is
displayed for that column. It is happening for all the
columns in the WebDatawindow. Basically what it is doing is,
the retireved value (during partial pastback) is disappered
and the old value (initial page load) is displayed.

If anyone faced this problem before, please let me know how
to fix this. If you have running code using UpdatePanel and
Webdatawindow please share.

I have another question, since I am evaluating the
Datwindow.NET, I like to ask your opinion. Can I go-ahead
and use Datawindow.NET in the project? We use extensive AJAX
controls in our project, particularly UpdatePanel.
Datawindow has quite a few features that can reduce the
coding effort. But it has limitation like one I explained
above. Please let me know your experience and feedback on
Datwindow.NET 2.5.

Thanks in advance.

The code for your reference:

ASP Page

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="TES" runat="server"
<asp:TextBox ID="custid" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>
<asp:Button ID="df" runat="server" text="Retrieve"
<dw:WebDataWindowControl ID="WebDataWindowControl1"
RenderFormat="xhtml" AutoRestoreDataCache="True"
<XmlConfigurations UrlPath="~/DWFiles"
TemplateName="test2" />


protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Transaction SQLCA = new Transaction();
//setting transaction property here

Session["SQLCA"] = SQLCA;

protected void df_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Transaction SQLCA =