Hi evry body,
I have just install the Sybase AE 15.0.3 EBF#2 on Linux 64
bit with Job Scheduler option

All it's fine. But when i want install the Template, nothing

I start the csh InstallTemplateXML.csh MyDbServer MyMachine
Port sa sa_password

I see the screen Welcome to Template utility Import
He start to read the first XML en/Sybase DBTransferToDisk
(something like that)
After that i have the sentence : "Create the first template"
and the cursor wait at the next line with nothing append.

What i can do because i have no error log and what i try to
do is stop the JobScheduler server and i can see that the
Import utility continue with error, it means that i've
connected on the good server Job.

Best regards
Thanks in advance.