We have 4 setups where a de-central server replicates all changes to a copy on a central server to enable centrally controlled backups (thin sattellite lines connection and no IT-staff at the de-central site).
Since the server and thus the replication runs 24/7 the central server is backed up with live backup (as is the de-central server at more or less the same time). However the central servers live backup almost always reports an error 5200 (which is still not documented in 8.1 by the way). As I understand it the error 5200 means that advantage could not get a completly valid snapshot of the database, but continues with a "best effort" - which is probably good enough.
Even if the 5200 error is not a problem (is it?) I would very much prefere to avoid it since an error free log is much easyer for the clients to verify as "good enough"!
Is there any thing I could configure differently to avoid the errors?
ADS 8.1 on both central and de-central servers.

Venlig hilsen
Tom Arleth
Ascott Software Danmark A/S