We are using .NET Datawindow in our windows form
I have a simple question related to .NET datawindow 2.0
control component.
So here is my problem:

We have simple datawindow control where I marked some of the
columns Required (see attached screenshot - basically they
should not be a null before update).

How can I handle if the item was filled by user before I
call UpdateData() datawindow method to database?
How can I get an information on which row and column it was
not filled?

Issues (I am already subscribed to):
- ItemError event – but this is not fired when
user does not touch my required item. (When a field has been
modified, the field loses focus (for example, the user
presses enter, tab, or an arrow key or clicks the mouse on
another field), and the field does not pass the validation
rules for its column.Return codes:0 – (Default) Reject
the data value and show an error message box.1 –
Reject the data value with no message box.2 – Accept
the data value.3 – Reject the data value but allow
focus to change.If the Return code is 0 or 1 (rejects the
data), the field with the incorrect data regains the focus.)
- Validating event – but here I can just cancel
validation without information what and where is wrong

- Another way would be before update go through all
columns and find which are requiered
(aGraphicObjectColumn.Name + ".Edit.Required");) and
it it is required and then for all modified rows find which
are empty – but this can be very slow – we do
not preffer this way

What is your suggestion for this issue?