Hi All:

I am having issues graph datawindow with line graphs in PB
I am doing a line graph and in the AXIS Tab for the Axis
i am setting up the Major Division (Group) MajorGridLine to
Solid(1). It appears o.k when i am in the design time, then
i close the graph datawindow and re-open the datawindow for
preview, the MajorGridLine has converted itself to dash(2).

The workaround i found is to set the MajorGridLine to
None(0) and surprisingly i get the result what i want (and
that is solid gridlines for the value axis :)).

Another Question i have is that i would like to make the
line in the line graph thick (instead of a thin line
appearing), is there anyway i can do this?.

Also is there any good documentation for PowerBuilder graph
datawindow on the net? as for my upcoming project is heavily
relying on graphs (i understand that PB 11.5 have good graph

Thanks a lot in Advance