Using PB

I've got a few datawindows that are treeview presentation style. They look
fine when I'm building them and work exactly like I want them to. The
problem I'm having is that we also have a reporting tool that takes a
datawindow and sets it to print preview. For some reason, my 2 treeview
reports have an issue with this. The [+] boxes get waaay out of alignment
with the rows, and no amount of fiddling with the height seems to fix it.

I've tried setting the rows to autoheight and scrunching them up (suggested
by a coworker), but that didn't work. I've tried adding an empty box to the
first row in the group to force the row to be taller, and it seems to work,
but it causes the first row to have way more whitespace around it than the
successive rows. The treeview expands down to 6 levels, if that makes any
difference. Most of the treeviews I've seen that don't go lower than that (2
or 3 levels) line up perfectly.

Any ideas on what I can do?