I have been asked to investigate the options to ensure that
the RFID Anywhere software we are running is not a point of
failure in the manufacturing plant. We are currently running
the RFID software on Windows, while the database is running
on AIX. We would change the platforms/os to implement a
solution. The features we are looking for are automatic
failover and NO loss of transactions. The two options I am
looking at are ASE Cluster edition and the ASE High
Availability option. From what I have read so far, the H/A
option appears much more complex. The main difference I can
see in functionality is that H/A can be used with mirror
activator to eliminate the SAN as a failure point and I
haven't seen references to this ability with the CE.
However, it appears that the app (RFID Anywhere) must have
code in it to handle the failover and that there is still
potential for transactions to be lost unless the H/A is used
with mirror activator. I have posted a question on the RFID
forum to find out if the failover ability is in the RFID
software; if not, then the H/A option would not be suitable.
By contrast, it appears that CE will not lose transactions
due to a server or ASE failure, but that a SAN failure would
make the RFID unavailable.
What I am looking for is information/recommendations
regarding these two options with RFID Anywhere. If my post
shows any misconceptions or errors about the functionality
of the products please correct me; I've only been
researching this for a couple of days and and don't claim to
have a detailed understanding of either of them!
Thanks in advance for any help.