I have VC++ through PBNI to open a window, and now the window is open,
but the opening of the PB process datawindow without the Xp style, how to
solve this? I know that PB is through integration of a pattern in the Exe
where the XML to achieve the XP style, but not through the EXE to open the
window, Xp style, there is no, and now would like to ask how to make the
data window with the XP style? If there is no style, then, the interface is
really ugly.

I know that the datawindow is not a standard Windows controls, Sybase
which is certainly not simple as loading the data can be achieved
COMCTL32.DLL windows XP style, if there is any internal function or do not
let me open the PB functions achieve their goals, which would wonderful.

Here is the code I open the window, the window is placed to have a
datawindow, the window through nf_open object uf_open function to open:

IPB_VM* pbvm = NULL;
hinst = LoadLibrary(L"pbvm115.dll");
if ( hinst== NULL) return 0;
P_PB_GetVM getvm = (P_PB_GetVM)GetProcAddress(hinst,"PB_GetVM");
if (getvm == NULL) return 0;
if (pbvm == NULL) return 0;
LPCTSTR LibList[] = {L"open.pbd"};
if ( pbvm->CreateSession(L"aopen", LibList, 1, &session) != PBX_OK )
return 0;
pbgroup group = session->FindGroup(L"n_open",pbgroup_userobject);
if (group == NULL) return 0;
pbclass cls = session->FindClass(group,L"n_open");
if (cls == NULL) return 0;
pbobject pbobj = session->NewObject(cls);
PBCallInfo ci;
pbmethodID mid = session->GetMethodID(cls, L"uf_open", PBRT_FUNCTION,
session->InitCallInfo(cls, mid, &ci);