Our product needs 4 tasks to be run so that it is fully
configured and workable.
1. transfer configuration file to phone
c:\data\others\birdstep folder
2. Install SmartConnect application
3. Execute exe from the phone's c:\sys\bin folder to import
the configuration
4. restart the phone

I have created four channels and one channel set where those
tasks are in following order.

1. Software manager channel
- copies the configuration file from server to phone. This
seems to be working ok.

2. Software manager channel
- Our product installation file is copied to phone and the
installation is started. Well the installation starts but
unfortunately it requires user actions. I have already
question about that in other post.

3. Session manager channel
- Execute the exe from c:\sys\bin\ folder. This is not
working because the installation is not yet completed. Is
there anyway to wait until the installation is finished?

4. Session manager channel
- reboot the client. This does not work. Is this supported
in the Symbian client?