Hi All,

How to achieve Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule. ( PB
11.0 and appeon 5.1)

We have application develop in PB 11.0 and appeon 5.1 and we
want to implement couple of thing with it. Any idea what is
best way to achieve it?

1. Copy of Record.
In order to comply with these requirements, application must
have the capability of creating a copy of record that would
satisfy at least the following elements:
a. It must be a true and correct copy of the electronic
document that was received;
b. It must include all the electronic signatures that have
been executed to sign the document;
c. It must include the date and time of receipt to help
establish its relation to submission deadlines, to the
circumstances of its submission, and to other possibly
associated documents that may have been submitted;
d. It must be viewable in a human-readable format that
clearly indicates what the submitter intended that each of
the data elements or other information items in the document
e. It must be available for review and timely repudiation by
the individuals to whom the document is attributed, as its
submitters and/or signatories.
2. Electronic signature device:
Systems that accept electronic signatures (e-signatures)
must be able to provide proof that the e-signatures they
accept are valid and were created with an e-signature device
that was not compromised at the time of signature.

3. Binding signature to the document:
Application requires that e-signatures must be bound to
content of submissions, so that content cannot change
without detection after the signature is executed. The
system must provide a method of ensuring that any breach of
a signed document’s integrity can be detected. Such
methods are available in the form of signatures that
incorporate a hash value of the content being signed.

4. Understanding the act of signing:
Application requires that each signatory have the
opportunity, at the time of signing, to review the content
or meaning of the required certification statement,
including any applicable provisions that false certification
carries criminal penalty.

5. Automatic acknowledgment of submission:
Application requires that an automatic acknowledgment of
submission be sent by the system. The information included
in this automatic message should identify the document
received and include the name of the signatory, the date and
time of receipt.

Any idea what is best way to achieve it?