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Formatting graph axis values

2 posts in DataWindow Last posting was on 2009-12-16 09:07:24.0Z
Thomas Waldorff Posted on 2009-12-14 13:52:26.0Z
From: Thomas Waldorff
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Subject: Formatting graph axis values
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I'm using PB 10.2.9948
I have a bar chart (vertical bars) where the height of each
bar represents an amount of money. The amounts are typically
in the range 50000 to 500000. The vertical axis labels are
generated as expected with a tick and label for each 50000.
Now my question is: Can I format these tick labels so they
include a "digit grouping symbol" ie. they will read like
100,000 rather than 100000? The grouping symbol used should
reflect the current locale, like when you use the display
format on a textbox.

Thomas Waldorff

Frederick KOH[Sybase] Posted on 2009-12-16 09:07:24.0Z
From: "Frederick KOH[Sybase]" <>
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Subject: Re: Formatting graph axis values
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Set the "DisplayExpression" property of "Value Axis Text" to