I have RA installed. Demos work fine. I d-loaded the Symbol
XR400 connector. On creation of a BM using VS2008, and right
clicking "add" RFID Controller, all works fine. I have
provisioned the Symbol controller using the RA console and
it installs OK.

How does one verify that the controller is in fact working?
Is there a utility or fews lines of code to test the
connection and or a read of a tag? I know the Symbol reader
works as it came from a working system. I can log on and
control the reader.

When looking through thr RTET demo examples, I can see that
a read is accomplished via the TCP socket calls and then a
using the XML reader. Since the Symbol reader has an IP
address of for my lab, where and how do I set
this IP address up in the connector or the BM. Or does the
code read from the TCP socket and then determine the source
IP address?