Using DataWindow.NET 2.5. Is it possible to use a datawindow from DW1.PBL
with an embedded drop down data window from DW2.PBL?

What I'm trying to do is clean up my PBLs (so if it can't be done, its not a
big deal). I have a PBL dedicated to list datawindows (DW2.PBL above) and
one for all the other entry form style datawindows I'm using (DW1.PBL
above). In the DataWindow Designer app, it will let me pick drop down
datawindows across PBLs, so I can set a DDDW field in a DW1.PBL datawindow
with a list datawindow from DW2.PBL. When I try to run my application in
VB.NET 2005, none of the DDDWs appear to populate. Is there something
special that has to be done to tell VB that there's more than 1 PBL to look