I have a particular Db that has a size of 308 GB ( not counting any log
files) . It has just one table with ID and a long varchar. On avrage the
sizeof the varcahr is few kilobytes ( 11000 recorsds ). Sybase central shows
75602 pages and 98% of file used..

I enabled compression on that BLOB and the DB has grown to 456 MB, the
syabse central now shows 6901 pages and 7% file used for the table...

So i rebuilded the DB , the DB file size dropped to 128 MB with 6649 pages
and 20 as % file.

Question. Is the data just about 20% of 128 MB = 50 MB and there is a 78 MB
empty space in the rebuilded DB that will get used up as new data comes in?

I am sybase 10.