Dear All,

1. I am running the PowerBuilder version 11.5 Build 4011.
2. The operating System is Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

I have an application which has a WinForm Target (to be published as a smart
client application). For that target there is a Generated .Net Win Form
Application Project p_test_web. This target is successfully deployed on my
application server and I can successfully publish it on my application
server. After the file gets published it creates folder structure in the
C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\<application name> where all the files are stored. Now
if I want to publish the same application on client side application server
which is not in my network domain, how will I publish it because the publish
tab does not create any MSI file? Now how should I package the published
files as a setup so that I can give them to client and he can directly
install it to the IIS of his application server? We have gone through
Sybase manuals also but we could not get relevant info about making an MSI
while publishing.

Could somebody please kindly shed me some light on this?

Thanks and Best Regards,