Software Tool & Die Inc. is pleased to announce that it has uploaded newer
versions of its EAS Monitor utility application to the Source Forge web
site. The EAServer Monitor utility application is available for PB version
11.2, 11.5.1, 12.0 Classic or 12.Net. Originally released to CodeXchange and
supported up to PB 10.5, the new home for the current versions of EAS
Monitor is the Source Forge website. You may download the utility from To locate the utility from the
main web page - select: View All Files => EAServer => EAS Monitor and then
the version you desire.

The EAS Monitor application monitors Sybase's EAServer application server
and performs the following services:

1) Monitors EAS (Jaguar) .EXE in memory.
2) Checks that EAS is not stalled or in a CPU run away condition
3) Can restart EAS when required (say once per day) to clean-up JVM and EAS
4) Monitors the main .LOG file for critical error conditions
5) Monitors the HTTP .LOG files for network errors
6) Monitors the Servlet .LOG file for various problems
7) Can email support personnel if problems are encountered.
8) All written in native PBScript code.
9) Customizable via the utility's .INI file.

Regards ... Chris
President: STD Inc.