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Will Mobile Office work with Google Sync?

2 posts in Trial Discussion Last posting was on 2010-04-15 08:57:52.0Z
Mark C. Posted on 2010-04-14 16:59:45.0Z
From: Mark C.
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Subject: Will Mobile Office work with Google Sync?
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Will Mobile Office work with Google Sync? This was an issue
with previous versions, hopefully it's been resolved.

Dirk Olderdissen Posted on 2010-04-15 08:57:52.0Z
From: Dirk Olderdissen <>
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Subject: Re: Will Mobile Office work with Google Sync?
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Hi Marc,

I expect that this will not work now nor in the new future. Sorry.

To my understanding this is a general issue that prevents us from
supporting third party sync software.

When talking about synchronization, you basically create a logical
connection between the backend data store (MS Exchange / IBM Lotus
Domino in case of MobileOffice) and the mobile device data store.

The tricky thing is, that both data repositories are very different in
their data structure. Especially the mobile DB is very inflexible due to
the resource restrictions of a mobile device.

In order to maintain this logical connection between the two data stores
you need to
a. uniquely identify each record
b. identify changes correctly

But exactly this logical connection get's out of step when an other sync
software "messes" with the mobile data store. Our MobileOffice client
then could loose the understanding if a record was updated or added and
this means data integrity is lost!

An example:
MobileOffice runs an initial sync and the device is loaded with data.
The "dirty flags" that indicate record changes are set to 0 on all
records as MobileOffice is done with it's synchronization.
Now the user runs a seperate sync software, let's say for the contacts.
This sync software pumps the personal contacts into the system and also
updates some business contacts in the process. Once finished, all dirty
flags are set to 0 by this software.

Question: How is MobileOffice to detect this change, if the dirty flags
are all 0?

And this is only a minor issue. Real cool effects you will get on
complex synchronizations like the calendar.

Under the line: the mobile device data sources are not made to be used
with more than one sync software.

iAnywhere Consulting TEAM EMEA, Germany

On 4/14/2010 6:59 PM, Mark C. wrote:
> Will Mobile Office work with Google Sync? This was an issue
> with previous versions, hopefully it's been resolved.
> Thanks,