i have a problem with SQL Anywhere The
dbsrv9.exe crashs sometimes with the following error in the
logs (german).

Fehlgeschlagene Anwendung dbsrv9.exe, Version,
fehlgeschlagenes Modul dbserv9.dll, Version,
Fehleradresse 0x00039c67.


Die Anwendung "C:\Programme\Sybase\SQL Anywhere
9\Win32\dbsrv9.exe" hat einen Programmfehler verursacht.
Datum und Zeit des Fehlers: 28.04.2010 um 19:00:36.906
Ausnahme: c0000005 an Adresse 00469C67

This only happens sometimes when login into the database and
start an backup.

I couldn't find any information regarding this error. Where
can i start the search?

Any help would be appreciated.