We have a job system running a set of stored procedure. In order to ensure
the stored procedures
are the one we confirmed, we would like to do a calculation of MD5 with
content of a stored
procedure content. And then verify with another database record to make sure
the stored procedure
is correct or not modified. However, I know Sybase 12.5 does not offer any
MD5 function.

So I think can I "sp_helptext SP_NAME" to output the content of a stored
procedure and then
calculate the MD5 of the content in another programming language (i.e. .NET
or Java)?

But I worried that the content output from development or UAT sybase (i.e.
same version)
may not exactly equal to the production sybase even it is the same stored
Is it possible?

Or any other way to select stored procedure content from internal system
tables rather
than using "sp_helptext" command?

Any solutions are welcome.