We have just released QweryBuilder version 6.0.0

The major focus of this release has been to add support for generic ODBC
data sources. You can now query any DBMS that supports ODBC. Depending
on the database, you may also get some other added features like being
able to view procedures and views. We were able to extend the Code
Beautifier, Offline Syntax Checker and CRUD Report to work with DB2,
MySQL and Access databases.

In addition to this, we have made several bug fixes and added some new

1) You can now double click on an object in the search window to view
its DDL.
2) Unicode support for ASE.
3) Dependency report for ASE and SQL Server.
4) Enhanced intellisense for ASE and SQL Server.
5) More options in the Object Browser context menu for Oracle connections.

Note that for this release we are not going to have customers with older
versions purchase an upgrade key. For existing customers, simply
download and install. You'll be ready to go.

If there are any questions, comments, bugs or enhancement idea's please
contact us:



The Werysoft Team