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Radius athentication?

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2010-10-12 15:18:42.0Z
Leonid Posted on 2010-10-12 08:45:10.0Z
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Subject: Radius athentication?
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Is there any way to use Radius athentication for Sybase?

In Sybase docs noted only specific authentication mechanism such as LDAP,
Kerberos, PAM.

Can I do it by changing libctl.cfg ?

Thanks in advance.

J Posted on 2010-10-12 15:18:42.0Z
From: (J)
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Subject: Re: Radius athentication?
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Date: 12 Oct 2010 08:18:42 -0700
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On 12 Oct 2010 01:45:10 -0700, "Leonid" <> wrote:

You would need to do more than change the libtcl.cfg. I am not that
familiar with the Radius protocols. What api's are available from the
client software and the server software? Are the api's at all
compatibable with GSS, LDAP or Kerberos? I would think that PAM is a
possibility but I would not attempt anything without formally
contacting Sybase re. the possibilities.


>Is there any way to use Radius athentication for Sybase?
>In Sybase docs noted only specific authentication mechanism such as LDAP,
>Kerberos, PAM.
>Can I do it by changing libctl.cfg ?
>Thanks in advance.