A costumer uses Afaria V5.50 and runs our application on A
WM6.1 terminal (Motorola MC55). This application is a .NETCF
3.5 application and works with a sqlserverce 3.5 database.
When the application closes the database will be compacted
or shrinked. The database resides at : \Program

With the Afaria v5.50 client we experience problems when we
compact or shrink the database, the following exception is
|2010-10-11 13:09:52Z|[ERROR]@{Shrink@DataBase}
Error # 1 of 1
Error Code: -2147467259
Message : Unspecified error [ Program
files\FVDnet\FieldService.sdf ]
Minor sqlError.: 25017
Source : SQL Server Compact ADO.NET Data Provider
Error Parameter : Program files\FVDnet\FieldService.sdf

The sqlerror is SSCE_M_DATABASECORRUPTED , which is probably
caused by the fact that the database is encrypted.

We experience these problems with the Shrink and Compact


Can anybody tell me if this is a known problem, and if there
is a workaround?