Hi all

I am planning to change the harddisks for the server that installed ASE15.0 with database devices inside, and running under Windows
2000 server. The current setup for ASE is Intel hot swap bay + 2 x 18GB SCSI HDD + Adaptec raid card with Raid 1 configured (Win2000
server setup on another drive that connected to mother board), and coming will change these two harddisks to 2 x 36GB SCSI HDD. I
have planned the procedure is:

1. Plug 2 new HDD to hot swap bay, after disk initial, create new raid 1 with Adaptec's software;
2. Reboot the server with Acronis Trueimage boot CD, use clone disk function, copy the old hdd data to new hdd data sector by
sector, then poweroff and unplug the old drives;
3. Reboot the windows 2000 server to safe mode first (for no sybase services run), change the drive letter that same as old ASE's
3. Reboot the windows 2000 server to normal mode;

Does any know the above is the correct step for HDD migration that installed with ASE server? And what thing I have missed or

Thanks for advice and correction