QweryBuilder 6.4.2 is now available for download from www.werysoft.com.
Several bugs have been fixed and a new Start Page has been created. You
now have quicker access to your most recently used data sources, files
and database objects.

Try it out and let us know what you think (support@werysoft.com). Your
feedback will shape future releases.

What is QweryBuilder?

QweryBuilder is a database development and SQL query tool. Its purpose
is to help you query information from your database in a way that is
simple, quick, accurate and efficient. QweryBuilder implements
innovative ideas to make this possible. An end user can extract and
update data without writing a line of SQL. Database developers can
create ad-hoc queries, procedures, tables, views and triggers with fewer
keystrokes. Best of all, you can do this with your SQL Server, ASE, SQL
Anywhere, Oracle and ODBC databases in one single application.

Brad Wery