I connect to my company's Lotus Notes system using OneBridge
on the company issued Nokia E72-1. The system works fine,
but the Nokia handset is a relic I have a lot of trouble
getting any use of because I'm used to the iPhone. The APN
is a secure line which works fine on both the iPhone and the

I have downloaded and installed the iAnywhere app on my
iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2. I enter the data in the settings
app (server name (IP), server port, company ID, user name,
activation code) just like in the OneBridge setup on the

But then I get asked for an URL prefix which is not
specified in either our company setup guide or even in the
manual for the iAnywhere app?

I leave the field blank, but when I have tried to connect
using iAnywhere it alters the URL prefix to /tm/?cid=%cid%
and it seems the activation code is also altered - it
contains more digits than what I have entered originally.

Bottom line is that the app doesn't sync anything and that I
get no error messages or even an indication that the app is
connecting to the server.

Can you help me? As I stated at first, my OneBridge
installation works flawlessly on the Nokia and I enter the
exact same data apart from the URL prefix.

Henning Winther