From 'Tadoa Koyama'
Forwarding from

Profile Failed to install:

1. I registered a device using menu "Bulk device import..." on screen of
Data views - Clients.
The csv file is:
Phone number, User name, SMTP notify address
2. Then I sent an outbound notification of Provision device using SMTP.
3. On iPhone, I received a notification email, and then I tap the link
to install the certificate. then I got a error as follows.
Profile Failed to install:
The profile "Config Payload" could not be installed.

See screen capture.

When I registered a device using the same user information manually,
that error won't happened and the certificate can installed.
Is there some bug in menu "Bulk device import.."?
Does anyone have the same experience?

Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 JP Enterprise Edition
Afaria Version: 6.6.5257.0
All components are installed on same server.
- Active Directory Domain Services
- Active Directory Certificate Services
- Afaria Server
- Afaria Admin
- Afaria Provisioning Server
- Afaria Package Server
- SQL Anywhere 11.0.1