I've got a common form that I'm using with a set of radio buttons and a
DDDW. On most instances of the form, the DDDW works fine, but the ones
where I don't hide the radio buttons, the DDDW initially only shows a
single row in the drop down (even though I've verified with a Describe
that dddw.Lines is "6"). If I click on one of the radio buttons (which
just nulls the DDDW selection and re-retrieves the child), the drop down
will expand to the full 6 rows (and I can scroll to see more). However,
if the datawindow has fewer than 6 rows, when I move to another radio
button, the drop down is only as many rows as the previous datawindow
(so if the last retrieval resulted in 3 rows, when I click the next
radio button, the drop down is only 3 rows tall, even though it should
have stayed 6).

Anybody else had this happen or know of a way to get around it? It's not
a showstopper, just annoying because it doesn't make any sense as to why
it's happening.

More info can be provided if it would help.

Thanks in advance,