Dear Sir or Madam,

DA-SOFT Technologies announces the immediate availability of
"AnyDAC for Delphi" Spring 2011 release v

Version Highlights
* SQLite v 3.7.5 support and enhanced data types
* MySQL v 5.5 support and improvements.
* PgSQL v 9 support and improvements.
* MSSQL ADEventAlerter support.
* Informix support for BLOB / CLOB.
* ADDataMove automatic recognition of text format.
* FPC/Lazarus Win32 and Linux32 revamped support.
* C++Builder revamped support.
* FastReport revamped support.
* BerkeleyDB support added and more.
* Multiple enhancements to the help system.

And more. Please, check the detailed change log at the

AnyDAC for Delphi
AnyDAC is an unique set of Universal Data Access Components
for developing applications on Delphi, C++Builder and Free
Pascal. With its powerful common architecture AnyDAC enables
native high-speed direct access to Firebird, SQLite, MySQL,
MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, SQL Anywhere,
MS Access, Informix and more. For complete list of features
and availability, please check:

* AnyDAC home -
* AnyDAC shop -
* AnyDAC trial -

AnyDAC Core Features
* Native access to Firebird, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle,
PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB2, InterBase and more. Including
latest DBMS versions.
* Optimized for best possible performance (2 times faster
than dbGo, 25% faster than dbExpress).
* Generic access to any database supported through dbExpress
and ODBC data sources.
* Reach API, including 50 Delphi VCL components.
* Unified API for access to cross-database features.
* First-class support for many database-specific features,
including DBMS services like backup, validate.
* Unique ADO.NET-like data engine for Win32.
* Advanced Data Access Options.
* Full support for international applications, including
Unicode support in Delphi 2009 and later.
* Cross-platform support though Free Pascal (FPC).
* Perfect integration as back-end driver for TMS AdvGrid,
RemObjects Data Abstract, Fast Report, C4D kbmMW and more.

AnyDAC Natively Supported Databases
* Enterprise - Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Informix.
* Workgroup - Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere,
Interbase, Advantage Database.
* Database in clouds - Microsoft SQL Azure.
* Desktop - SQLite, MS Access, BlackFish SQL, MS SQL CE.
* Embedded - SQLite, Firebird Embedded, MySQL Embedded,
Berkeley DB.
* Bridges - dbExpress, ODBC.

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Change Log
v (28.02.11)

Note, the following changes may break your applications:
1) Renamed UnifyParamNames -> UnifyParams
2) Renamed DataSnapComptability -> DataSnapCompatibility
3) Param behaviour is changed. Details:

+ added: MSSQL: ADEventAlterter support
+ added: MSSQL: MetaCaseIns conn def parameter for
case-insensitive metadata search
+ added: MySQL: TinyIntFormat connection def parameter
controlling TINYINT(1) representation
+ added: MySQL: SQLSTATE support
+ added: Informix: support for BLOB / CLOB
+ added: SQLite: v 3.7.4 support
+ added: SQLite: automatic recognition of an expression
column data type
+ added: SQLite: TADSQLiteBackup.BusyTimeout property
+ added: Oracle: NLSLang and TNSAdmin
TADPhysOraclDriverLink properties and driver config params
+ added: PgSQL: support for NOTIFY payload parameter in v9
+ added: PgSQL: UnknownFormat=Error|BYTEA conn def
parameter for unknown data type fields help update
+ added: ADDataMove: ability to recognize the text file
format - TextAnalyze, GuessTextFormat members
+ added: ADDataSet: ResourceOptions.StoreItems option,
controlling items to write when saving a dataset
+ added: ADTable: Exists property
+ added: FR4: Delphi XE packages
+ added: Berkeley DB support
/ changed: Lazarus: revamped FPC v 2.4.2 + Lazarus v
0.9.31 support on Win32, Linux. Preliminary x64 port.
/ changed: Params: major rework of the SQL parameters
handling. Now pbByName and pbByPosition bind modes are fully
unified and supported by all DBMS's.
/ changed: Oracle: connection definition parameter
BooleanValues replaced with BooleanFormat
/ changed: ADManager: GetDriverNames now have 3d parameter
- ABaseOnly, allowing to return only base driver ID's
/ changed: ADDataSet: added AClearRecord parameter to
RefreshRecord method
/ changed: SQLite: upgraded to v3.7.5
/ changed: SQLite: wrapper code optimization
/ changed: SQLite: improved handling of shared cache
/ changed: Params: allowed to include '.' into param
names (with exception of Oracle)
/ changed: Options: UnifyParamNames renamed to UnifyParams
/ changed: Options: DataSnapComptability renamed to
/ changed: DataAbstract: few issues resolved in DAD
("concurrent" default SQLite connection params, correct
URL's in info, etc)
/ changed: Help: major cleanup and multiple extensions
/ changed: VSE: moved from main sources to AddOn's
/ changed: DataAbstract: few issues
/ changed: MSSQL: demo DB installer is configured for
MSSQL 2005 and higher
- fixed: MSSQL: app hangs on a StartTransaction call with
active cursors and CmdExecTimeout > 0
- fixed: SQLite: fails to fetch Int64 expressional column
- fixed: SQLite: NTEXT(N) is dtWideMemo instead of
- fixed: SQLite: TADEventAlerter does not return specified
- fixed: SQLite: TADSQLiteBackup raises a not needed "not
an error" exception
- fixed: SQLite: TADSQLiteBackup end-less loop when a
destination DB is locked
- fixed: SQLite: extra "database is locked" with
- fixed: FB: mkIndexes returns only single primary key
index, if it exists
- fixed: FB: "shutdown timeout" error after losing a
- fixed: FB: "assertion failed" on writing 9.99992333 to
- fixed: MSSQL: fails to edit table in a TURKISH_CI_AS
- fixed: MSSQL: exception is not raised, when SQL batch
has few successful commands following by a failed command
- fixed: MSSQL: app hangs on a StartTransaction call with
active cursors and CmdExecTimeout > 0
- fixed: MySQL: fails to install demo DB on a server with
enabled binary logging
- fixed: MySQL: fails to create demo database on a 5.5
- fixed: MySQL: fails to call TIMESTAMPADD / TIMESTAMPDIFF
(FRAC_SECOND) escape on a 5.5 server
- fixed: MySQL: fails to return stored procedure BOOLEAN
output parameters on a 5.5 server
- fixed: MySQL: fails to return stored procedure DECIMAL
output parameters on a 5.1 server
- fixed: MySQL: fails to send ftBoolean value to a 4.0
- fixed: MySQL: some character columns and expressions in
SELECT recognized as binary typed
- fixed: PgSQL: memory overrun on writing a large numeric
value to a DB
- fixed: PgSQL: fails to send 0.000001 numeric value to a
- fixed: PgSQL: AV on an alerter unregistering immediately
after registration
- fixed: PgSQL: fails to call TIMESTAMPDIFF on 9.0 server
- fixed: PgSQL: fails to work with 7.x client
- fixed: PgSQL: ignores ResourceOptions.DirectExecute
- fixed: MS Access: Connection Wizard fails to setup
parameters help update
- fixed: ODBC: "invalid precision value" on parameterized
query to DBF
- fixed: ADDataSet: detail empty dataset leads to requery
when connection is offline
- fixed: ADDataSet: second editing of the same record
leads to inconsistent order in updates journal
- fixed: ADDataSet: after FieldDefs.Update changing param
values & Open does not have effect (regression from 1426)
- fixed: ADDataSet: BLOB field changes may be losted, when
fiBlobs excluded from FetchOptions.Items and record has
multiple BLOB fields
- fixed: ADTable: may not use GetCustomWhere or
- fixed: ADEventAlterter: memory leaks are possible
- fixed: ADDataMove: fails to move data into ADMemTable
- fixed: GUIx: WaitCursor returns cursor back to crDefault
when FADGUIxSilentMode = True
- fixed: Installer: Delphi XE Prof incompatibility
- fixed: Installer: fails to compile on a system where was
installed Arch, then reinstalled Prof
- fixed: C++Builder: "ambiguous definition of LCID" error
- fixed: C++Builder: "ambiguous definition of BOOL" error
- fixed: C++Builder: "unresolved external SetPortA" error
- fixed: C++Builder: "object factory missing"
- fixed: C++Builder: FR4 addon do not support C++Builder
- fixed: Stan: ADShutdown does not terminate all AnyDAC
service threads, so app may hangup on dll unloading even
after ADShutdown call
- fixed: DataAbstract: DAD fails to transfer Unicode data
on SQL Server

With best regards,
DA-SOFT Technologies Team