It seems there is a type error in some parts of the sybase ase 15.x
documentation. I was just reading the syntax of the GRANT SET PROXY
command and it appears as:

grant set proxy to user | role
[restricted role role_list | all | system]

If I use the entire command with the 'restricted' word, as it appears in
the docs, I get the next message "Incorrect syntax near 'restricted'"

Well, I waste a couple of minutes because of that. But it would be good
that Sybase correct that.

The 'restricted' word should be 'restrict'.

I was reading the online documentation especifically the chapter 17 in
the System Administration Guide: Volume 1> Managing User Permissions >
Granting and revoking permissions > Granting and revoking permissions to
execute commands

Wilfredo Molina