I am writing a .NET application within Visual Studio 2010
and I am trying to use the iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere .NET
data provider to connect to a Sybase IQ database.
Basically, I am having trouble getting the correct
ConnectionString syntax. Part of my trouble is that I am
trying to connect to the DB utilizing only the IP Address,
DB Name, and Port (No ServerName). No matter how I
structure the ConnectionString, it gives me an error stating
that I must include the ServerName. However, when I add the
server name it tells me that my ConnectionString has invalid

What is the correct ConnectionString syntax to connect to a
Sybase IQ database utilizing the iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere
.NET data provider with only the IP Address, DB Name, and
Port? I have done some serious digging into the Sybase
Books Online and have tried just about every iteration of
ConnectionString that I can think of and I cannot get it to

When using this syntax it tells me that I “must include
the ServerName”:


However when I add the server name as such:


I get an error telling me that my “ConnectionString has
invalid syntax”.

I would like to be able to connect without the ServerName!
I have already modified my application to utilize an ODBC
connection but I would rather use the native .NET data
provider if possible so that my end users will not have to
install a stand-alone Sybase client to be able to connect to
the DB.

Thanks in advance!