One of our potential customers asks some questions about Afaria's features.
Can you please help me answering them?

1) Is it possible to match the client and the person in the LDAP? (After the
client package distributed to the clients, when a device is firstly
connected to Afaria, is there a way to match that device to a record in
LDAP? So they can easily track which device is assigned to which person)

2) Since Afaria has no Software Manager support for Blackberry, should they
use Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) to deploy software to Blackberry?

3) What happens if the device holder kills the Afaria Client that restricts
some features on the device? (After killing the client they can use the
restricted feature and then re-run the client as if nothing happened. Is it

4) Can Afaria install SSL certifacates to the devices remotely?

Kind regards.

Serkan Birkan