Hi, I experienced a strange behavior with sqlanywhere version 7.
We are running a web application which access data from a sybase 7 database.
To access the database we use the user 'DBA' with an cryptic passwort.
This weekend the service is running as normal, but our application can not
access the data.
I tried to manually login to the data base but I was rejected with the
comment that my passwort is not correct...
We had setup only one user (DBA)....
In the end I tried when I didn't know what to do I tried the initial default
password 'SQL' and then I could login.
I changed the password back and everything was running again. None of the
data has been damaged or changed.
I checked all our log files for any harmfull SQL injection but could not
find a clue. All the windows events are also without any problems. It
happened shortly after 05.11.2010 at about 00.18.46...
Has it happened ever before that the user acounts were resetted?