I apologize if this isn't the correct forum. I'm hoping to
get an answer from someone within Sybase.

When is an Open-Client license required.
When is an SDK license required?

I've always thought that an Open Client license was required
whenever you have a program on a piece of hardware (Unix or
Windows) that needs to communicate with an ASE server (eg:
isql, DBArtisan).

I had also thought that an SDK license was required when you
want to build your own application on a piece of hardware.
The SDK would provide the necessary header files and

If I build an application on a development node and deploy
the executable on a production node, do I require
Open-Client and SDK licenses on the development node, but
only an Open-Client license on the Production node?

Would I ever require an SDK license on a Windows machine if
I only plan to run vendor built executables like DBArtisan,
Sybase Central, and similar pre-built products?