I'd like to know what's the best practice in naming the
distributed databases.

Here's the scenario.

There are 2 sales databases, one in US, one in UK. Both of
the databases will have identical structure.
There are 2 types of data stored in each database:
(1) user configuration
(2) sales information

Any user configuration made at any site will be replicated
to the remote site, meaning there will be a 2-way
For sales information, US and UK database will contain US
and UK sales respectively.

Shall I use the same database name, e.g. sales, for both
Or should I use different database name, e.g. us_sales and

If the sales data from both UK and US are to be replicated
into a third database, will there be any issues if I
maintain the same database name for both US and UK sites?

Thank you in advance.