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Sybase for Windows Cluster ?

2 posts in Cluster Last posting was on 2011-12-02 17:01:10.0Z
Rhino Posted on 2011-12-02 06:39:18.0Z
From: Rhino
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Subject: Sybase for Windows Cluster ?
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Date: 1 Dec 2011 22:39:18 -0800
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Does Sybase support clustering over Microsoft Windows Server
2008 R2?

If yes, where can I find a reference document for this
feature ?

Because I can not find the guide using "Sybase Failover in a
High Availability System" (DOCUMENT ID: DC00356-01-1570-01).

Thank You,

J Posted on 2011-12-02 17:01:10.0Z
From: (J)
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Subject: Re: Sybase for Windows Cluster ?
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Date: 2 Dec 2011 09:01:10 -0800
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On 1 Dec 2011 22:39:18 -0800, Rhino wrote:

This newsgroup is for Adaptive Server Enterprise - Cluster Edition. It
does not support Windows in any server environment currently. ASE -CE
is a shared disk clustering solution (capability Oracle RAC like).

There are other Sybase offerings and I would suggest a more general
newsgroup or contact with Sybase Sales/Marketing about your specific
requirements as I am in no position to offer anything about futures of

ASE has had a High Availablity release for Windows in other offerings,

There are other "clustering" database server offerings from Sybase.
ASA and IQ but I can't give you specifics about their capabilities.

This url looks to give you some places to start looking via online

look at related products on the box on the right hand side of the


>Does Sybase support clustering over Microsoft Windows Server
>2008 R2?
>If yes, where can I find a reference document for this
>feature ?
>Because I can not find the guide using "Sybase Failover in a
>High Availability System" (DOCUMENT ID: DC00356-01-1570-01).
>Thank You,