im planing to use Afaria for manageing some of our Devices
and deploy our software to them. Cause of this i have some

First of all i would ask some things about the connection.
What i already understood from the Documentation is that my
Devices need the Afaria Client, and that this Client is
generating an ID during the installation. So now here comes
my Questions:
- how is the Connection between the Server and the Clients
kept alive?
- Is there a steady polling?
- If i have an software-update for my 3rd-party programm,
will it be kept on the server until the Device is online?

My next question is about the Databackup and
Clientadministration. As far as i understood Afaria is
creating some kind of Systemadministrator during installtion
on the Client, is this right?
- When changes occure on the Client while its not connected
with the Server, how are they saved, and how much freespace
is needed for this?

So thats all for now, i appreciate all your Answers
Thanks in advance