Hi Afaria Experts,

We have Afaria 6.6 FP1 and trying to deploy a iOS wifi

Re-read the reference guide and attempted many times with
different ways but fail.

I guess the field that tripped us up is the required
(Service setidentifier), network name.

Mainly, we tried with these 2 configs:

a) a wifi policy with a new variable: %SSID_STR=TESTWIFI%
with WEP and the right password. Adding it by bring up the
browse and add new variable, type in the key pair.

b) Within data views, we defined a new iOS dummy device,
then add to the user defined substitution variables,
TESTWIFIE_SSID=TESTWIFI, then select this predefined
variable in the wifi policy later.

Both don't work, debug with iphone config utility console,
the error message is:

unknown mdmd[4701] <Notice>: (Error) MC: Cannot create
profile of type com.apple.wifi.managed. Error: NSError:
Desc : The payload iOS_wifi_guest_test is invalid.
Sugg : The required field SSID_STR is missing.
US Desc: The payload iOS_wifi_guest_test is invalid.
US Sugg: The required field SSID_STR is missing.
Domain : MCPayloadErrorDomain
Code : 2000
Type : MCFatalError
Params : (

So, the question is how to define the WIFI setidentifier

How to set the global substition variable correctly, where
do we go to define it for a whole class of clients instead
of 1 device?

Thanks much for any guidance.