Hello all,

I followed the instructions on ODBC use with VPF import as described in:
Advantage Knowledgebase Item
Ref No: 110824-2427

Downloaded and installed Driver from Microsoft

Using ARC to Import, I selected the ODBC driver, built the Connect String to
the data, did "Test Connection" which passed, then selected the ADS

Problem: All Imports failed using info as follows:

// "Test Connection" Passes with this string
DSN=Visual FoxPro Database;
SourceDB=C:\Asw\Asw Convert\Data\Iowa\LA3\Data\LA.DBC;

Error message for each table:

*************** Start account ***************
Error opening source table
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default
driver specified

*************** End account ***************

Thanks in advance,
Mark A. Smith