We are trying to deploy Afaria and have some questions
around the 2 options - Custom Afaria app vs Apple Store app:

Option 1 – Custom Afaria App provided by SAP
(1a)One issue is we will need to deploy the app internally
every year after re-building with a renewed SanDisk
distribution certificate. What will be the redeployment
mechanism – can the new app be deployed as an update using
the existing Afaria mobile app ?
(1b)Will users be required to re-enroll into using the
same/new enrollment code in following year ?
(1c)Will the use of Self-service portal (SSP) be possible if
we chose to use the custom app ? The install link in SSP
points to the market app.

Option 2 - Afaria App Store app with workaround app store
using a webclip option for app store
(2a)Is the webclip app store customizable (for branding and
other cosmetic changes) ?
(2b)Is there a plan to change the app tab function in the
Afaria mobile app to redirect to the webclip app store ?